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For over 25 years, OTREM has been providing customers in Europe and far beyond with the fastest delivery service and technical advice for industrial and earth-moving tires. However, OTREM is more than a local player and is a worldwide recognized specialist in the field of OTR / Earthmoving tires, including Industrial tires.

  • Our knowledgeable experts have more than 25 years of experience
  • Thousands of tires available directly from stock
  • International specialist
  • Active both nationally and internationally
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • Repair of tires and rims
  • In-house vulcanization of OTR-,industrial tires,
    forklift and aerial work platform tires
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Besides car- and truck tires OTREM company is specialized in earthmover tires, industrial tires an agricultural tires.

OTR Tyre Specialist

OTREM company is the official international dealer of YOKOHAMA OTR Tyres, Industrial and Port tyres. OTREM company can supply all types and brands of tyres: Michelin, Bridgestone, GoodYear and solid OTR tyres which we can pre-press in our workshop, etc. We are mostly specialized in Industrial and OTR Tyres and possess all the tools to offer you the full service experience: our professional sales team will advise the best tyre for your application at the best possible price and we can mount the OTR tyres up to 51 inch as well as at our fitting station, as directly at your field.

OTR Tyre repair and vulcaninsation

OTREM repairs the OTR tyres and is able to vulcanise the tyres up to 57 inch in the own autoclave and has the big stocks of high quality used (part-worn) OTR tyres as well.

Shipping and Service

 Tyres can be shipped worldwide through our own shipping company.

Worldwide customer base

OTREM has been providing the best service to its clients for clos e to 20 years and is the biggest tire specialist not only in its region but also known worldwide (in the field of OTR tires). Through all these years we have been gaining a lot of experience, and our international customers have enormously increased.

OTREM can assist you with all kinds of tires for: Industrial vehicles (forklifts, etc.) and earthmover machines as we have the extended stocks of OTR tires in many brands and can help our clients immediately. 

Contact our international team:

E-mail:        sales@otr-em.com
Address:     Breitwaterstraat 3
                     3630 Maasmechelen